Cleansing your Crystals

Cleansing your Crystals

Crystals are a fantastic tool to enhance and change the vibrations within your frequency, they work when their energy connects with yours and creates a vibrational mix of high frequency tuning into properties of healing and self development. 

It is important to cleanse and energise your crystals just as you would yourself, crystals have the ability to pick up energy as much as they can change and emit energy. They are a beautiful product of mother earth and require some lovin' to re-energise and bring them back to their full potential. 

Ways to Cleanse and Re-energise your Crystals


Most crystals love water but there are some that are very sensitive to water like selenite, if your crystal has soft or brittle texture water should be avoided. 

Salt Water - Crystals love the ocean and a dip in the big magical sea will bring them some much needed energy, just remember to clean them with fresh water and a clean cloth after. Using the ocean is especially good for cleansing crystals who have been around negative energies. 

Fresh Water & Natural Springs - Waterfalls are like a magical bath of energy magic for crystals, any running water will cleanse and energise them but natural fresh water is best! If you can only use tap water - set your intentions strong of cleansing the water as well as the crystal (Reiki is good for this)


Sound baths can cleanse and tune your crystals bringing them to their highest potential.  

Singing/Voice - Speak your intention to your crystal out loud and repeat. Tuning your crystal to your voice and intention will allow a strong connection and program it to your frequency.

Tibetan bowls or Tuning Fork - Sound the bowl or fork while moving it around your crystal to cleanse the energy, make sure to set the intention of cleansing and energising the crystal. 

Music- Simply playing spiritual music around your crystals will have them glowing and energising in harmony. Focus on the Hz of music eg - 432hz is connected to the heart chakra.


Energy cleansing is all about visualisation and clear intentions

Smudging- Sage, Frankincense or Palo Santo will cleanse your crystals with smoke. I often use this technique after using crystals with readings to just give them a little pick me up and remove any energy that may have attached. Simply burn the herb and wave the crystal through the smoke setting the intention to cleanse and energise. 

Visualisations Light & Water - Visualise a beautiful white bright light radiating out and around your crystal, set the intention of cleansing. You can do the same visualisation with picturing a waterfall and your crystals being cleansed under the clear water. 

Reiki - Much like our bodies, Crystals LOVE Reiki. You can cleanse and charge your crystals by placing a symbol into them.

Sunlight - Simply place your crystals under the sun and let them bask in the sunlight, certain crystals attuned with the sun will enjoy this more than others. Sunlight is a more masculine energy bringing assertiveness and power to your crystals.  -please note to not leave them in the warm sun for longer than a few hours as the heat can change their chemical structure.

Moonlight- Crystals LOVE a moon bath! Any phase the moon is in will energise and cleanse your crystals but the full moon packs a punch and with the magnetic charge at its fullest. The moon brings a more feminine energy to your crystals, cleansing them in the moon will bring a nurturing energy of compassion and healing. Directly in the moonlight is best however they will still get their loving through a window.

Other Crystals - Using crystals to cleanse and energise other crystals is a beautiful mix of positive energy. Clusters are perfect to place crystals on to uplift their energy or crystals such as selenite energises and cleanses. 

Mother Earth - If you find your crystal is in desperate need of some love and energy the perfect place to set them is back in nature. We often find old crystals who may need some extra special attention so I recommend laying them in the ground for a few hours to a day to re-energise them back to themselves. You can connect with your crystal to find out how long they wish to lay. 


These are the main methods I use to cleanse my crystals and I chose them based on the stone I am working with at the time. My favourite methods to cleanse with are water and moonlight however just paying attention to your crystal will bring energy and power to it. Crystals often sit in a state of relaxation unless you ask them to help and work with you, just by thinking of them or looking at them you put intention into them. This wakes them and gives them that boost of love as you would feel if a friend sent you a gift. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you and your crystal babes have a beautiful cleansing day! 

Tash xxx